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      • Annual grading December 16th 2023

        日時: 2023 年 12 月 16 日(土) 9 時~16時 場所: 千葉県浦安市総合体育館(バルバドールアリーナ) 第1,2武道場 千葉県浦安市舞浜 2-27 電話: 03-3666-1501 交通: JR 京葉線 舞浜駅 徒歩7分 参加費:5,000 円(弁当・審査料込) 次第: 9 時~形競技 11 時~演武 12 時~昼食 13 時~組手試合 15 時~昇段式 Date: December 16th 2023, Saturday 9am-4pm Venue: Urayasu City Gymnasium Budo Center Address: 2-27 Maihama Urayasu City CHIBA JAPAN Access: JR Read More »
      • Donation to World Koshiki Karatedo Federation

        Individual Donation of companies / organizations that can support and corporate Thank you very much for your support in WKKF like a always. WKKF is looking for individually /companies / organizations that can support and corporate. Currently we are apply to Certified Non Profit Organization in Japan. We needs 3,000JPY from 100 supporters. We will Read More »
      • Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 80th Birthday

        Founder of Koshiki Karatedo Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka Happy 80th Birthday! Thank you very much for your long time Guidance. 久高正之空観範士 80歳(傘寿)お誕生日おめでとうございます。 長年に渡るご指導に感謝申し上げます。 少林寺流拳行館空手道門下生一同 Read More »
      • Hombu Dojo Japan updated

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      • What is Koshiki Karatedo

        硬式空手道とは1979年 久高正之師範によって開発されたスーパーセーフ安全防具によって制限のない組手競技法を発表した競技システムです。 もともと少林寺流拳行館空手道では組手の稽古の際怪我を防止するために剣道の防具を使用していました。 Koshiki Karatedo is founded 1979 by Dr. Masayuki Kukan Hisataka. He created Super Safe protective equipment and Koshiki Karatedo Competition Rules. Koshiki Karatedo is competition system so open to any style of Karatedo. Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo used training with Kendo protector because prevents from injuries 硬式空手道基本相対練習 自由組手 安全で生きた技が習得できる。 実際に技を当てることで明確な技が習得できる。 運動量が飛躍的に上がる!ストレス発散 Koshiki karatedo basic training Read More »
      • Updated DOJO KUN 道場訓

        少林寺流拳行館 道場訓 Dojo Kun 一、 礼儀作法を正しく行うこと Rei gi saho wo tadashiku okonau koto 一、 勝負の原理を極めること Shobuno Genri wo kiwameru koto 一、 真善美の探求に努めること Shin zen bi no tankyu ni Tsutomeru koto 一、 自信と勇気を持って行動すること Jishin to yuki wo motte kodo suru koto 一、 人格の完成に努力すること Jinkaku no kansei ni doryoku suru koto Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Dojokun (School Principles) 1. Maintain Read More »
      • Shorinijryu Kenkokan Hombu Dojo training updates

        Saturday 3-5pm Shinjuku Dojo Waseda, Tokyo Kantsuji Temple   Saturday 6:30-8:30 Ariake Dojo Koto Tokyo Ariake junior high school   Thursday 7-9pm Gotanda Dojo Shinagawa, Tokyo Gymnasium   Wednesday 5-6pm Toyosu Dojo Koto, Tokyo Instyle Yoga studio   Read More »
      • 拳行館アメブロ更新

        拳行館アメブロ Read More »
      • Training restarting on June 6th at Kantsuuji Temple

        Hombu Dojo decided to restart training at Kantsuji Temple. June 6th Saturday 3pm-5pm 旧総本部道場(新宿教室)の稽古は6月6日(土)より感通寺の毘沙門堂にて再開します。 15:00-17:00 参加のほどよろしくお願い致します。   Read More »
      • 2019 SUPER 空手道ジュニアワールドグランプリ 沖縄

        2019 SUPER 空手道ジュニアワールドグランプリ 沖縄大会は13か国200名による参加があり 成功裡に終了いたしました。 Read More »
      • Video: Kata Sochin

        Kata Sochin is a very popular Kata found in many styles of Karate. In Shorinjiryu the kata is practiced at a senior black belt level of Sandan (3rd) dan and above. The kata emphasizes strong stances and center of gravity with purposeful steps. In this respect the kata can be classified within the Goho (hard) Read More »
      • Video: Kata Koshiki Bassai

        Kata Koshiki Bassai is the original form of the more commonly known name of Kata Bassai. Most styles of Karate practice a modified form of the Kata known as Bassai-Dai. However, for Shorinjiryu the Koshiki form of the Kata is the standard form to be practiced. The kata is typically taught at the Ni-kyu or Read More »
      • Intership At The Hombu

        Are you interested in a 1 Year Internship at the Hombu dojo in Tokyo. Obtain a visa for 1 year through the Hombu, train as much as you like, we help you to get an apartment and a job. Chance of a lifetime. Already 3 new Interns for this year. More spots available. Read More »
      • Video: Kata Happiken

        Kata Happiken is considered an intermediate level kata typically taught to green belt and brown belt practitioners. The kata was developed by Hanshi Hisataka specifically to assist North American karateka when he was in the United States circa 1964 through 1967. Hanshi Hisataka believed that the geometry and movements of Happiken were more suited to Read More »
      • Video: Kata Saisan

        Like Sanchin Kata, Seisan kata is aimed at developing footwork, strong stances, ki, and breath control. It is also an isometric body building form of exercise, however, the techniques displayed in Seisan are more advanced than in Sanchin. Its stances are wider and the postures are “half face front” (hanmai, body diagonal to the front). Read More »