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Video: Kata Koshiki Bassai

Kata Koshiki Bassai is the original form of the more commonly known name of Kata Bassai. Most styles of Karate practice a modified form of the Kata known as Bassai-Dai. However, for Shorinjiryu the Koshiki form of the Kata is the standard form to be practiced. The kata is typically taught at the Ni-kyu or Ichi-kyu level (brown belt) and is considered an intermediate level kata from a difficulty persepctive. Bassai it its various forms is known and practiced in most karate styles and as such it is also considered a foundational kata. Since it is well-known across various styles of karatedo it is a useful kata to demonstrate within open competition formats.

Below one can see the application (known as “Bunkai”) of Kata Koshiki Bassai. The Bunkai is performed by Shihans Riley, King and Chaffey in competition at the occasion of the Canadian World Koshiki Competition held in London, Ontario in the summer of 2017.


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