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Video: Kata Sochin

Kata Sochin is a very popular Kata found in many styles of Karate. In Shorinjiryu the kata is practiced at a senior black belt level of Sandan (3rd) dan and above. The kata emphasizes strong stances and center of gravity with purposeful steps. In this respect the kata can be classified within the Goho (hard) category of Katas. The kata is formed around a cross with the practitioner moving between cardinal points or directions of the compass with strong blocks followed by strong combinations of punches and kicks. In this respect the kata prepares the defender for multiple attacks from many different sides. The kata makes particular use of the horse stance which makes it a favorite for kata competition.

An advanced form of the kata includes energy point focus (not shown here) emphasizing the Juho (soft) elements. The Juho form should only be studied once the Goho form is perfected.



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