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Special Memorial For Kaiso

Join Us In The Creation Of A Special Memorial For Kaiso

The Shorinjiryu World Combined Headquarters along with the World Koshiki Karatedo Federation are appealing to all Shorinjiryu and Koshiki practitioners past and present to join in raising funds to create a special memorial statue for Kaiso Dr. Masayoshi “Kori” Hisataka to be constructed and placed in Okinawa.

All practitioners of Shorinjiryu and Koshiki can trace their participation in Shorinjiryu to the tireless efforts of Kaiso Hisataka in building the legacy which is now represented by practitioners and dojos around the world. No matter the name of your teacher or your dojo, you can trace your involvement in Shorinjiryu back to Kaiso. In the world of Shorinjiryu, he is everyone’s generous grandfather. It is truly a magnificent accomplishment that he started so long ago. By virtue of Kaiso’s efforts we have all benefitted and have grown in our personal development. For many of us we continue his tradition of giving back to others as we continue to spread the lessons of Shorinjiryu far and wide. This is the most important lesson from Kaiso: to use the teaching and practice of karatedo for personal development and perfecting the character.

In reflecting on the wonderful gift that Kaiso has provided us, and considering the time that has passed, the Hombu dojo feels that it is now an appropriate time to honor the memory and efforts of Kaiso through a memorial statue for all to see and enjoy as a place of reverence and remembrance. The memorial statue will be erected in Okinawa, the birthplace or modern Karatedo, and the original birthplace of Shorinjiryu and Kaiso. The statue will provide a lasting reminder of the great achievement of Kaiso and will be a place of pilgrimage for Shorinjiryu practitioners from around the world. Below is an example of the type of statue that is to be erected.

The Statue of Kano Sensei At The Kodokan In Tokyo, Japan

The target is to raise $30,000 US in order to forge and construct the statue. The land is already available for the installation of the statue. As soon as the funds are raised the statue will be commissioned and the installation will take place. In order to be a part of this great project all interested parties are requested to send in their donations through the Paypal buttons below so that the necessary funds may be raised to construct the memorial in Okinawa. Donation of $500 or more will have the honor of their name being placed on the footing of the statue in recognition of their generosity.

  • Project: Kaiso memorial Statue
  • Goal: $30,000 US
  • Location: Okinawa, Japan
  • Donations: Paypal
  • Participants: Past and present Shorinjiryu practitioners and friends of Shorinjiryu

Please use the Donation form below to make your contribution. We thank you ahead of time. Donation updates will be made to this page on an ongoing basis.

Memorial Donation Form

Memorial Donation Form

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