What is Koshiki Karatedo

硬式空手道とは1979年 久高正之師範によって開発されたスーパーセーフ安全防具によって制限のない組手競技法を発表した競技システムです。


Koshiki Karatedo is founded 1979 by Dr. Masayuki Kukan Hisataka. He created Super Safe protective equipment and Koshiki Karatedo Competition Rules.

Koshiki Karatedo is competition system so open to any style of Karatedo. Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo used training with Kendo protector because prevents from injuries

硬式空手道基本相対練習 自由組手




Koshiki karatedo basic training methods.

free spaaring

use protective equipment you can taste real karatedo tecknique.

excute tecknique also you can get proper response.

you can learn mentaly and physically from true fighting.

stress free and dramatically increase Momentum.

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