Karatedo University Admission Information

From April 2024, the first students will come to Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture to begin a six-month course, so we would like to take this opportunity to recruit students in order to train Japanese karatedo instructors.

The one-year plan includes three training per week between the professor and local dojo students, two days for self-learning, one day for exchange activities, a daily diary, and language learning through daily life. (Japanese) For Japanese students, it is possible to study abroad at a dojo in an English-speaking country such as Australia.

*Use the online teaching material KOSHIKI KARATE clip 2013 (youtube.com) and books to study, review, prepare for teaching, etc., and work on dissertation research tasks to improve your understanding of karate, obtain dans, and obtain instructor qualifications. This allows us to provide instruction tailored to individual abilities, even for students from a variety of styles, organization and styles of Karate.


Throughout the year, students independently learn the kata of each style and the representative kata. The joint training sessions and curriculum focus on kumite theory, tactics, and actual combat (Koshiki Karate-do), all of which are learned through physical exercise.

We will also promote understanding of Ryukyu culture and Japanese culture by participating in events that follow the lunar calendar in Okinawa Prefecture, the birthplace of karate. We will also actively participate in karate events held in Okinawa Prefecture, and work together with local communities in Okinawa, the birthplace of karate. It is essential for instructors to live together and learn through experience, like a master’s apprentice, and since wrong Japanese culture and martial arts are spreading all over the world, it is essential for instructors to live together and learn through experience, like a master’s apprentice. It is important and advantageous to stay in Okinawa and learn daily habits.

6-day international karate education and cultural exchange training will be held every two months to encourage participation from the 40 countries that are members of the World Koshiki Karatedo Federation, mainly India, China and Asian countries. We are planning hands-on agricultural training, marine training, interaction with animals, etc. mainly in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, and will promote self-sufficiency, dietary education, and an understanding of the origin of medicine and food, as well as a sense of awe and appreciation for nature. and cultivate a spirit of respect.

As for joint practice locations, we will secure locations such as Nanjo City Tamagusuku General Gymnasium, parks, public facilities, etc. from time to time depending on the number of participants and the content of the practice.

When the weather is sunny, we will also hold rehearsals outdoors. *Refer to attached sheet Annual schedule application

For independent training, trainees follow the federation’s (university) curriculum voluntarily at their homes, federation offices, or other environments where they can connect to the internet.

The teaching materials for the online practical training and the assignments for the thesis research are as follows.

As for the instructional curriculum content of (Shuri-te) as a style, please refer to the attached document Shorinji-ryu Kenkokan Karatedo Headquarters Curriculum Dojo instruction management Home page Curriculum CURRICULUM | Shorinji-ryu Kenkokan Karatedo (themedia.jp)

By participating in group activities, actively participating in examinations, competitions, and seminars sponsored by the World Koshiki Karatedo Federation, and by promoting interaction among members, you will learn theories that transcend styles.

In addition, the curriculum content and actual progress are recorded on the calendar. 

The federation’s website clearly specifies thesis assignments and how to apply, and students work on independent study days and provide instruction while actually moving their bodies during joint rehearsals.

Certified Dans/Grades | Characteristics of Koshiki Karate | NPO World Koshiki Karatedo Federation (koshiki.org)

*See attachment World Koshiki Karatedo Federation Dan grade certification curriculum Managed by the federation

*We plan to collaborate with Monarch Business School Switzerland to promote the certification and awarding of international degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees).

Home – Monarch Business School Switzerland (umonarch.ch)

English is currently required to participate in the online learning management system degree course.

weekly calendar

Monday:        Training 9:00-11:00 17:00-20:00      Nanjo City Tamagusuku General Gymnasium

Tuesday :        Self learning, online training, thesis research,      home, federation office, etc.

Wednesday:      Training 9:00-11:00, 17:00-20:00         Public facilities, etc.

Thursday:      Self learning , online training, thesis research,         home, federation office, etc.

Friday:       Training    9:00-11:00 17:00-20:00                  Public facilities, etc.

Saturday :      Exchange activities

Sunday:         holiday


2024 Annual Schedule *

January: Mochi pounding, New Year’s party, first practice, Shihohai

  8-day international karate cultural exchange training program

February: Lunar New Year,

Uechi Kanbun Headquarters Cherry Blossom Festival

2nd Sunday Hyakuna Beach Clean up

March : International Karate Cultural Exchange Training Program 8 days

Pan American Open Tournament Montreal Canada Championship

April: Qingming Festival Hamaduri

May: Harley Dragon Boart race

International Karate Cultural Exchange Training Program 8 days

June: Summer Solstice

Federation Annual grading examination

July: June Umachi

International Karate Cultural Exchange Training Program 8-day training camp

August: Obon

Okinawa Prefecture Karate World Tournament

September: International Karate Cultural Exchange Training Program 8 days

October: Karate Day

Oceania Open Gold Coast, Australia

November: Shuri Castle Festival

International Karate Cultural Exchange Training Program 8 days

December: Winter Solstice

Federation Annual grading examination

Main Dojo locations: Nanjo City Tamaki General Gymnasium, Nanjo City Tamaki Youth House Gymnasium, Tomigusuku City Okinawa Karate Hall, Kakihana Community Center, Nakandakari Rural Park, Hyakuna Community Center, Hyakuna Beach, Kudaka island Exchange Center

Local cooperation organizations: Aozora Niraikanai Farm, Nakandakri Rice Preservation Society, Kakihana Ward Children’s Association, Midori Association

Shorinji-ryu Kenkokan Karatedo Headquarters, NPO World Koshiki Karatedo Federation, Monarch Business School Switzerland, Ryukyu University

・Foreign students who wish to stay for more than 6 months will need to obtain a visa.

Certificate of Eligibility Cultural visa

It is also possible to participate for 1-3 months with a tourist visa.




Admission fee



Tuition fee (annual)



Scholarship from Monarch Business School Switzerland



Academic fees and expenses



  Karatedo Uniform






Super Safe




 棒 木剣














生活費(1ヵ月) living expenses for 1month


住居費 Housing Expenses


食費  groceries


交通費 Transportation


通信費 communication



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