Expanding Karatedo

Let’s ask ourselves the question: “What do we need to do to further the expansion of Contact Karatedo?”

First, we must think about what each Shihan has to do from a basic point of view. Each Shihan and each member of the committee should know each other, and freely communicate regarding their current situation.

We must study the past history and then create future goals. We must put in place a clear organization to succeed with clear roles and responsibilities so everyone knows which tasks they are working on and how they align to the overall goals and vision.

For future growth of the Contact Karatedo, we need to think of it like the growth of a tree. To grow, trees need plenty of sunlight, oxygen, water, and nutrients. A healthy tree needs a strong trunk with many branches and leaves. Similarly, Contact Karatedo needs a strong Hombu and Federation with many schools educating their own students. Through this, the tree can flower and generate fruit from its blossoms.

It should be our collective joy and obligation to be the keeper of posterity, passing down the teachings from parent to child, having it grow stronger with every generation. This kind of natural philosophy will bring us success. This means that we need to have more branches, more students, and a larger organization working together towards common goals.

To enable this, we should all share our power together, cooperate, and do our best towards the expansion of the Contact Karatedo.


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