The Path Of Kyoshi

Ryuzaburo Kaku was the honorary Chairman of the board at Canon in Tokyo, Japan. He was president of Canon from 1977 to 1989 and chairman from 1989 to March of 1997.

Chairman Ryuzaburo Kaku believed in the Japanese concept of Kyoshi or “the spirit of cooperation” in which individuals and organizations live and work together for the common good. As he states: “A company that is practicing kyosei establishes harmonious relations with its customers, its suppliers, its competitors, the governments with which it deals, and the natural environment. When practiced by a group of corporations, kyosei can become a powerful force for social, political, and economic transformation.”

He also believed that a person or a student should not memorize formulas and should create their own understanding. Chairman Ryuzaburo Kaku expresses many of the ideals that we consider important in Budo and Karatedo studies: community awareness and engagement, continuous improvement, spirit of cooperation, deep personal understanding of technique, equality of all, working together to lift-up all people so that everyone may enjoy a peaceful existance. As with Canon we are all “Sha-in” members of the Karate organization and equal.

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